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Chassidus in English started when?

The Frierdiker Rebbe already had a plan to translate Chassidus and parts of Tanya into English, French and German in 1931 ה'רל ב"ה, ה' ניסן, תרצ"א כבוד ידידי הנכבד, החכם הנעלה ואוהב מושכלות, בעל מדות תרומיות, וו"ח אי"א מוה"ר מיכאל שי' שלום וברכה! חפץ אני לשאול את כבודו שי', אם למד דא"ח מעת עזבו את ליובאוויטש (כוונתי לא על חלק העבודה והמוסר, רק על חלק ההשכלה). יסלח לי כבודו על שאלה כזו, שאולי אפשר אין מהדרך להעמיד שאלה שכזו, אמנם אני מתענין בזה לרגלי ענין אחד, שאני מתענין בו זה כבר, והוא אפשרות העתקה של ענינים שונים מדא" Read more →

The American Turkey?

Benjamin Franklin wanted to make the wild turkey the symbol of the United States. שמועסען פון קינדער און יונגד טבת טשמ"ב Read more →

Segula for health

A Segula for health: Before one goes to sleep (before one says Shema), he should say chapter 20 of Tehillin and then repeat the verse Yaancha, and while repeating the verse he should have in mind that it should be considered as if he thought all the pertinent spiritual intents. Read more →

Lubavitch into clothes?

The Rebbe Rashab was upset that Lubavitch was not in Poland as we lacked the good points of the Polish Chitzonius (such as their focus on [frum] clothing) Read more →

The frummest Jew

In Prague, there was a rich man who thought he was a big Torah scholar, buy never actually learned anything. One year, he decided to buy "Chasan Torah". Rabbi Yonasan Eibshutz commented that he must have been a very frum Jew, as he didn't look at his bride for a whole year 😛 From Reshimos Devarim v. 4 Read more →

Fork and knife?

I'm not sure if this is meant to be taken literally or (only) figuratively, but the Frierdiker Rebbe said that olden day Chassidim would eat with a spoon and not a fork, since they didn't want to "Shtech" things. Sefer HaMaamorim 5711 p. 93 Read more →

Fasting on Shabbos?

One is permitted to fast on Shabbos to annul a bad dream. When does one say Anneinu? The Behag says that one says it during Elokai Netzor. Brachos 31b Read more →

How to make tea on Shabbos?

Shaar HaKollel 16:5 The Shaar HaKollel writes that one may pour hot water from a kli sheini onto tea leaves. For practical Halacha, contact your local Rov Read more →

Watch out!!

The time period between 80 and 90 is the most dangerous part of one's life. Once one passes 90, he's safe. Read more →